Saturday, January 19, 2008

Joost feeling the squeeze?

image Joost have just lost/pushed their CTO, Dirk-Willem van Gulik. He's jumped over (or been snapped up by) to the BBC to work on a range of back-end infrastructure to support their interactive services.

Joost, with its required client-side install, and funky UI, and un-compelling content has never seemed to have caught the masses attention. I have it, I played with it, I don't use it. With my various other video options (YouTube (& variants), AppleTV, OnDemand via cable, BBC iPlayer, etc.) it wont get my attention. Rumours imply their money is running out fast too.

Blodgett labelled it for me, "Joost is the PointCast of 2007".

Deadpool contender.

BBC - Press Office - Dirk-Willem van Gulik: Future Media & Technology Chief Technical Architect

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